Palangkaraya Mall Become a Hotel

This time I will discuss the first mall Palma which is the only mall that is located in Central Kalimantan. According to the history I read, this mall was once a cinema Panala. After the cinema was closed, then place into a mall is planned in which the investor is the Sandalwood. But due to the monetary crisis, the construction of this mall had been halted. This mall has been eagerly awaited for more than 10 years. In 2004 began the renovation of the palm to expand the building, but it still would not go formalized into a mall may be constrained as a result of at least investors. Finally, on 14 April 2007 Palma which has been renovated inaugurated by Central Kalimantan Governor Agustin Teras Narang. I remember at the time of when the first time opening the mall, there are hundreds or even thousands of people who come from the city or county in Central Kalimantan to the mall this Palma. So many people came to used escalator in the mall palm, then can not walk and eventually damaged by overload. The prices provided in this Palma mall can be above the average price in general.

At first just Mall of Palma was popular and frequently visited by the public. But since 2014 enthusiasts who want to visit the Mall is becoming increasingly less. This may be due to compete with Matahari Department Store which opened in Megatop Town Square. There are many visitors in Palma mall, but be sure the goal is only to watch the movies at Cinema 21, it is also in search of food and playing games. Because fewer visitors coming, the Mall owner of this change Palma when previously Mall became a hotel. In my opinion the mall Palma should be able to withstand the competitors who come, perhaps in a way to cheapen the rental price, so the price is also cheaper. It is also possible because the land is less extensive, so that investors can invest in the mall.According to my opinion, conversion the mall become a hotel is a creative idea to handle the less visitor. Hopefully with this hotel can attract domestic and foreign tourists to visit the Central Kalimantan.

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  • Interesting!

    But you know we cannot stop people's curiosities. So don't feel unhappy, it's just normal that a newly built or renovated building gets a lot of visitors or spectators in the beginning. Most likely most people were there to know what's new. :) So they should not stop showing the people the best things they can offer to all... Since our minds are difficult to predict we cannot 100% expect that this same people will come back to the mall so a good marketing group for sure has to make a study on how to counter the situation when the public do not shop at there malls anymore.

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    Oh, I have also been to the East Kalimantan, I have family there too.

    I recommend a good place for you, namely Tanjung Puting National Park and Arboretum Nyaru Menteng. In Arboretum Nyaru Menteng, you can see how the preservation of orangutans which are animal species currently threatened with extinction because of encroachment and opening oil fields are intensively conducted in Central Kalimantan.

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  • Bagus bagus, saya harap akan mengunjugi. Saya suka hotel ungool. I hope to see that place one day.I hope to be your friend too Stefani Andani.

  • Very nice and informative. Hope to visit there one day. Thanks for sharing. Lovely pictures too. Well Done!

  • Dear Stefani Nice blog with a long history.The way you have describe is beautiful.keep writing and be with us very often.Thanks sharing.
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