Autumn Festival

Hello, how are you all of EC members? Autumn festival is around the corner, I'm not sure all of you know this festival. It is a Chinese Festival native in China, the special pastry of this festival is calling Moon Cake. Let's…
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Harmful Habit

I did't log in EnglishClub long time ago, took a long leave, the reason was lazy. Today, i will start to browers EnglishClub and learn. I want to improve the lazy habit.
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12-Feb Daily News

Good morning to my fellow friends, belater Happy Chinese New Year. The Valentine is around the corner, wish all my friends and EC members have a good memorable experience with thier lover. I'm very happy during CNY, because i got 9days annual…

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Daily News 19-Jan

I didn't write blog post during these three weeks, because recently I am reading EC members blog posted and studies grammars which was sent by teacher Anele.


I was feel very clear a part of grammars, thank Anele.



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"Smiley: Sure, we try our best!!!
Achan: I will!!"
May 9, 2019
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"Good blog Locus, I still have a lot of things need to learn from you, thank you for your sharing…"
May 9, 2019
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"Thanks Irina..."
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