I have been writing about 100 posts in these 6 months. I always print out my writing after posting them, categorizing them and reviewing them very often.

          By just doing this, I get the benefits below.

  • My own encyclopedia

I often write down my observation and experiences in my blog. It is very helpful to me. For example, by reviewing the posts under the category of “study”, where my examination and studying experiences are recorded. I will be able to plan a better studying plan for my examination.


  • Build up good habits

I did write some posts related to the benefits of sitting upright before. Every time, when I review back my posts, they will remind me to keep this habit. Blogging really help me build up many good habits.


  • Improve my writing skills

When we express something, we may think that we express it well. Our words are easy to understand. However, sometimes it is not the case to the readers. Therefore, we need to keep our writing for a long time until we have forgotten what we wrote before and read it as we are a reader, so that we can find out our writing problems.


  • Keep myself happy, touched and motivated

I often write down the happy and touching things happening on me and motivating stories happening around me. By reviewing these things, I will feel happier, touched and more motivated.


  • Understand myself better

I do not know whether you agree or not. Sometimes, it is not easy for us to understand ourselves well. However, we can actually understand ourselves better by reading our diaries, as they are just like our history. They shows how we feel when something happen. It is a good way for us to understand what is the most important thing to us?


  • Maximize the benefit of reading

Every time, after reading a book, I will write down the best part in the book. I just have to review these posts. Then, I can remember all the important information in the book.


  • Learn more from my life

We may have some new and incredible ideas sometimes, or learn something from some incidents in our life. If we just let them go without writing down, it would be a big wastage.


  • Reminder

I For example, I write down what my mother do to me. The first reason is to remind me that I am a lucky person. The second reason is that I hope every one treat their mother better. The third reason is to remind myself that I should treat her well and love her in my whole life no matter what happens.


  • Better command of English

I think it goes without saying right?


  • Better Brain

Professionals say that writing can enhance our thinking skills and memory.


  • New Friends

Blogging introduces me a lot of great friends around the world.


  • New Knowledge

I have the habits of reading other people’s (normal bloggers and real authors) posts after blogging. I really learn a lot from their posts.

Can you share with us what blogging give you and your expectation to blogging?

My expectation is to write better posts and make friends with some authors.

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  • Wow! What a nice piece of writing! There are times when I feel no motivation for writing. I run out of ideas. I'd really like to blog here more often, but I do need to organize myself.

    Thanks for your time and congrats on your determination to keep writing. You'll be an example to me from now on.  

  • Good blog Locus, I still have a lot of things need to learn from you, thank you for your sharing and your blogging is very useful for me.
  • Dear Ruwan Sampath and Ricardo Concepcion,

    Thank you so much.

    let us write more and improve more in the future.


  • Great job man.. I need to write more...

    keep it up congrats for your improvements


  • Hi Lucus, Good blog. I agree with you. We must write a lot, it helps us to improve our English. Congratulations.
  • Dear Saif Khan,


    Dear Vinapow,

    My web blog? You mean this lucusist.blogspot.com?

    Expector Smith,

    Thank you so much.

  • Dear Rose,

    Thank you so much.

    Dear Hroof147,

    Ya, I agree with you. Blogging is a fast tool to expand our life experiences. Blogging makes us take care of every thing happening around us and think more.

    Dear Anele,

    Thank you Anele. Sometimes, I also face the problems of being unable to put my thoughts into words sophisticatedly. However, to this problem, I think we should try to write more. When we have better writing skills, it will not be a problem for us then.


  • Good writing! Thanks for sharing. Hope it's not too late for Tara to quote it at the meeting.
  • Lucus, you are dilligent..yeah I have seen your web blog and I see your writing

    you give many people knowledges from your blog..

    Nice blog Lucus, thanks you have inspired me =D

  • Improving of skills needs a hard work , because nobody will fix the informations and skills in our brains ,, the chance is opened for every one to try his skills and improve it.

    Blogging is the fast tool in order to build ur knowledg and life experience , u meet others and share their opinions through it .

    good luck my friend.


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