Autumn Festival

Hello, how are you all of EC members? Autumn festival is around the corner, I'm not sure all of you know this festival. It is a Chinese Festival native in China, the special pastry of this festival is calling Moon Cake. Let's us talking about how do you celebrate on Autumn Festival. I have memories how my family celebrate it when i was young. On that day of Autumn Festival, all of our family members are gethering together around evening, after that we will across the moon to start prayed, of course burn joss sticks and candle as well. After prayed, we would had dinner and moon cake together, at the moment i felt very warm and happiness. This kind of feeling already left me long time ago, I left my family almost 6 year start from College life, after study and further the working until now. Is it only me or someone experience it. I hope everyone can spend warm and happiness Autunm Festival with their family.
Please leave your comments and correct my grammars. Thanks a lot, your comments or correction will improve my English.
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  • Hello Patrick, i like your post a lot and i wish i could, one day, participate to that autumn Chineese festival.

    It makes me think about the Bayram holiday we have today in Turkey, after Ramazan, every families, friends , neighborgs get together an share sweets and food. Of course they also pray.

    It's a beautiful holiday.

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