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  • hello iman,
    How r u today??
    Long time no see...
  • oh . hahaha
    i'm sorry!
    how long time you live in indonesia?
  • We will be good friends Iman.

    What do I like hmm... Let me share with you what I have on facebook.

    My day-to-day activities include attending the University of Akron Pre-Pharma & International Business/Economics, exercising at the Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium, traveling nationally for work, taking care of my Dad who has cancer, enjoying my friends and the outdoors

    I like anything that keeps me moving: playing sports, fitness & strength training, Yoga, Zumba, hiking, running, mountain biking and going on leisurely walks.

    I love the arts: music, drama, history.

    I like talking about spirituality and politics, supporting local and global causes, and being environmentally responsible.

    Favorite Music:
    Classical Music, Classic Rock, New Age, Top 40 hits, Steel Drums - Caribbean Music

    Favorite TV Shows:
    Sportscenter, Shield, House, Bones, Dexter, Supernatural, Fringe, Lie to Me, NCIS, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Any History or Discovery Channel Show, Any Travel Channel show of places, Project Runway

    Favorite Movies:
    Historical movies like 300, Superhero movies like Dark Knight, Adventure movies like James Bond, the occasional chick flick like Sex in the City... and a bit of blood and guts Horror.

    That's a little bit about me.
  • Well, I live in a beautiful place called Costa Rica, it is in Central America. Maybe you don´t know much about this country, because most people don´t believe it exist untill they visit this land. I´m very proud for having born here. This is a peaceful place, we don´t practice war, our goverment is traditionally democratic. We believe in God, and our costumes are nice! If you want we can talk more about culture next time! Let me know.
  • Great to connect with you Iman. Good call on band and TV series. I like both. This is a good step to fulfilling your dream of traveling abroad. All the best to you! Smiles, Michelle
  • hy . thanks for add.


    "eh indonesia jg ye?"..
  • Nice to meet you! I love Bali~
  • Hi Iman, is good to have you as a frien. Hope to know more about you!
  • The best way to learn English is to write everyday a few lines referring to yourself or about your friends so you can make the language your own language.

    Good luck!
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