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  • hi huyen..i'm didi from indonesia....i want to  find someone for speaking partner

  • hi,i am from nepal pls add me for speaking skype id is sachin.karn
  • hi Huyen, i hope you are doing well. i am manmohan . i want to make friend through English club. you can join me skype too my id is mannu5685. i have sent friend request to you kindly accept it and become my friend . i believe that you will be happy to make me friend. Because i am very passionate to learn English.
  • hi
    where are you come from?
  • Hi, how are you? I have not got your answer?

    Good bye!:)
  • Hi Huyen Thu
    I am Mahbod, My Major is IT management it can be neer to Banking. I am intermediate in English. Please write to me about your English , How did you learn it. I will be glad if We will be partner in English class.
    You can write to me to if you like.
    Hope to see you soon.
  • Huyen Thu,

    I was shy, too. But, it’s part of my past. Now, I am not shy anymore, because I discovered the reason of my shyness. I think that, on this way, I can live better, without worry a lot about what other people will think about me. They have their lives to worry, and if they laugh about me, I can laugh, too. I like have fun, and smile. Besides, without shyness, I can meet more people, and smile, you know, have fun. Do you agree? Hey, there is is another reason, shy people look like egocentric. So, in general, people have afraid of get contact…But, I know you are not egocentric or unhappy, are you? Let´s talk about you. I wanna find out a lot about you…How old are you? And about Romantic Drama…Have you ever seen Shangai Kiss? It´s a nice movie… And Books? Any brazilian Book? Tell me more about you…Nice to meet you, too. It´s my pleasure
  • Hi,
    Everybody likes smart and funny people, me too. So, this is just a way to get contact some people. In fact, we recognize ourself in other people, if we are similar. Then, we can be, what everybody say: Friends. Hey, I wanna to practice my english, too. However,now it´s your turn. Tell mle about you.
  • Hi Huyen,

    I am from Brazil, and I am new in english club. So, I am looking for friends, if you are smart and funny we can keep contact. Hey, I ´d like to know about your culturte, country, and about you...I am an english teacher, I love reading, listening music, and chat with smart people. Hey, tellme about you...Good bye! :)
  • Hello Thu,
    i live in the USA Now.
    hope to see you someday.
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"you sing very well.I also very like this song.Nice to know you!"
Jun 24, 2019
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"Hi. you are from FTU. The same to me. Nice to know you. I'm in Finance and banking faculty. And you?"
May 9, 2019
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"hi. Nice to know you! i'm from Vietnam. i guess you from Korea. I really like Korean drama. be good…"
May 9, 2019
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"Hi, everybody. My name is Huyen Thu. I'm a student, my major is finance and banking. i like English…"
May 9, 2019
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"Actually, i don't have much to say about myself.Uhm....I'm a student. My major is finance and…"
May 9, 2019
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"hi. you just befriend with me if i am smart and funny? If not, what happen? Anyway, nice to know…"
May 9, 2019
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"ok...ok. Sorry for rash evaluation of you knowledge about VN. But as I remember, HN has 36 cities.…"
May 9, 2019
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"If you dont mind, please introduce somethings about you."
May 9, 2019