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  • If I were a memory I’d hold you there forever
    Reminding you of the good times we shared together

    If I were a smile on your face I would stay
    Never to let sadness chase me too far away

    If I were a teardrop I’d roll gently down from your eyes
    Not to burn much but to mend your sweet cries

    If I were a hand I’d want you to hold me in your own
    Carry me through life .. even when I’m grown

    If I were feet I would stay inline with you
    So I could be with you in all that you do

    If I were a shadow I would always follow
    We’d face things together in all the tomorrows

    If I were pain I’d stay far away from the start
    To make sure you never felt me or I never broke your heart

    If I were a song I’d be a sweet sound to your ears
    To keep up your hopes and carry you through the years

    If I were strength I’d give you my all
    I’d hold you high and never let your fall

    If I were your heart I’d be steady and true
    I’d be there in every beat; staying strong for you

    If I were the sun I’d shine down upon your face
    Illuminate your smile and radiate through your grace

    If I were a star I’d sparkle like your eyes
    I would look upon your life and never stop my shine

    I don’t know how good at those things I could be
    I’m not any of them but this I want you to see

    If I were a friend I couldn’t let you down
    I’d never let you fall or walk away from me with a frown

    If I were a friend I would hold your hand
    I would be with you always, I hope you understand

    If I were a friend I would give you my all
    And though it’s not much, I’ll be there when you call

    If I were a friend I’d be in every memory too
    When you laughed, when you cried, I’d be with you

    I CAN be these things, it’s not impossible to be a friend
    I CAN be your best and I’ll be here till the end

    If I were forever, you would be too
    Together forever – me and you…
  • Oi Andre, pode me adicionar sim!!
  • To realize

    The value of a sister
    Ask someone
    Who doesn't have one.

    To realize
    The value of ten years:
    Ask a newly
    Divorced couple.

    To realize
    The value of one year:
    Ask a student who
    Has failed a final exam.

    To realize
    The value of nine months:
    Ask a mother who gave birth to a still born.

    To realize
    The value of one month:
    Ask a mother
    who has given birth to
    A premature baby.

    To realize
    The value of one week:
    Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

    To realize
    The value of one hour:
    Ask the lovers who are waiting to Meet..

    To realize
    The value of one minute:
    Ask a person
    Who has missed the train, bus or plane.

    To realize
    The value of one-second:
    Ask a person
    Who has survived an accident...

    To! realize
    The value of one millisecond:
    Ask the person who has won a silver medal in the Olympics

    To realize the value of a friend:
    Lose one.

    Time waits for no one.

    Treasure every moment you have.
    You will treasure it even more when
    you can share it with someone special.
    Live life to the fullest
  • Dear Andre
    Don't smock is bad for ur hearth.
  • well.fresh as a roses,how R u?
    what do u do?working?studying?or
    wish u all best
    Good Luck
  • I'm fine thanks. How are you? Oh, thanks that you sometimes help me, but i must start learn ; )
  • hello! How are you? Thanks for adding. Wow, In the future I want to learn Portuguese language. ^^
  • whats up Andre'? Do u need help with the ENGLISH language- how can I help u?
  • Hi.Nice to meet you!
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