Dear John by Nicholas Spark

The book was written by Nicholas Spark  who also known as a romantic writer. His genre on writing is fiction.


Dear John is a love story about an army sergeant who falls in love shortly before 9/11.


What I like with the story is that it shows the reality of life, not all love story ends with a happy ending sometimes you only need to do is to accept that everything has changed, to move on and be contented with what you have.


I think this book will help those people, who are still in pain of unhealthy relationship, and will be enjoyed by people who like to read sappy romantic comedies or tragedies.


My favorite part in the story is when John appreciates the essence of his father’s collection and used it for the goodness of others. I also like the developments of the protagonist from being mischievous to a serious man who became matured enough to accept changes in his life.


Try to read this book and you’ll see the difference between love and real love.



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