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Hi dearest friends, about ten years ago i read a book That i received from a friend of mine as a gift.A book which i can't resist reading it again after 8 times. This book is a story of a young Indian who embarks upon a journey to find the meaning of

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Men & women, boys & girls

As there were offered serious classical books lately, I'd like to suggest to the members of our group some other sort of literature :)


What does a woman wants? This question has been tried to answer men for many centures. This is because men and women

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Fifty Shades

this is my favorite novel, the author is E.L. James, consisted of 3 books, the first one is "fifty shades of grey", second is "fifty shades darker", and the last one is "fifty shades freed". its for matured and for liberated mind i think...the story

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wattpad is one of my favorite sites

That was a great pleasing moment when I discovered this site. Sometimes I enjoy it much more than EC. A simple smartphone can do all you want to do here. Their app is really fantastic. I have added a lots of books from that site and try readin those

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Stories of Nasiruddin Hodja

I think all of your childhood memories, like me, filled with reading stories of Nasiruddin Hodja. If you are going to read Hodja's stories, that's a real time of reading for pleasure. Hodja is considered a populist philosopher and wise man. He is alw

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Oh please do not get me wrong , I did not mean that :D

Oh let me explain for you . See ! you are judging so soon :))))

Can I explain ?

Ok, thanks for permission :*

I have read a book in Persian that if you wanna translate its name to English it will be 

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Dear John by Nicholas Spark

The book was written by Nicholas Spark  who also known as a romantic writer. His genre on writing is fiction.


Dear John is a love story about an army sergeant who falls in love shortly before 9/11.


What I like with the story is that it shows the real

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kew Gardens by virgina woolf

Hi everyone,This time I came up with a short story by a greatest writer.The story is KEW GARDENS which is in fact the name of garden.It was written by virgina woolf.It is a depiction of the visitors of the garden;like two elderly women who gossip mea

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