This page is just a simple page dedicated to various articles that had been posted in this Corner. Some members may not interested to read books, short stories, poem and such, thus this page may of interest to some. 

Please share with us any interesting articles that you may have read, stumbled upon that you may think thought provoking and interesting.

Articles that had been posted in the discussion are:-

1. Barnaby Jack - Was He Killed Because He Was A Danger To A Society

2. Moser Light - Is This A Better Solution For A Better Word

3. Wallet Drop - World's Least Honest Cities

4. Prince To The Rescue Of Child Shepherds In 'Sky Kingdom'

5. The Girl In The Closet

I hope some members will share any interesting articles that they have read in this corner too.

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  • Hmmm .. well ... I've to create this page because I thought a Little Birdy asked me to. Now, I am not too sure whether that Little Birdy meant this one or not, but it's no use to cry over spilled milk. :-P \(O_o)/

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