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One question?

Why is it very difficult for most people to acknowledge the good works/acts of other people?I think, it is also a blessing to know by heart the true reason why. We must admit that every little thing we do is a part of a whole.Wish you all a nice day.

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Our mind.

Our brain just keep on working even when we're asleep so you can just imagine how it advances in the passing of time. Some people even if they are older do not feel and act that they have reached that age and that is because of how their brain functi

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Past is past!

Hi there ...I was up to reading a book by Paulo Coelho named " The fifth mountain "...There is written sth saying :"Kids have no past .Once when the city was attacked ,they were scared ,but they don't think about that night anymore."Do you agree or d

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Unforgettable Situation!

What do you do if you step on a banana peel and fell on your knees? :(


I find this embarrassing and traumatic really. This happened long time ago, some 10 years back but up to now I couldn't forget it. :(

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What is an ideal life for you?

Is there such?

We all have problems to bear and sometimes if we are free of problems other people tend to give us theirs. Obligations or duties are for all of us to fulfill and face as a responsible citizen of this world. 

Could you share with me your

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How do you define "good person"?

Almost always in your daily life, you would  meet someone or some people you so admire sincerely because you find him/her/them good. What is it that could have caught your heart and mind to say that one person is good?

In addition to this, knowing the

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Friendship ...

Hi dear friends ...As you know nowadays having online friends is so common ...Even you yourself have found so many friends in the internet no matter in EC or somewhere else ...You know ,today I felt that I am too much concerned about my online friend

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why do men always cheat ??? ^_^


I'm a new member in your group and hope to be a nice friend ^^



obviously from the top this question to men and girls you can answer too

so, why do men always cheat???

I hope everyone discuss this question ...







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