• Another Q & A conversation, I find funny.

    Ella: What is the most important use of cow's skin?
    Dora: For making shoes?
    Ella: No, guess again?
    Dora: For bags? belts?
    Ella: No.
    Dora: I give up. What?
    Ella: For keeping the cow together.


  • t26136.gif I am not good at dancing, though I like to learn that too. hahaha... 

  • Nice one, Lynne. Thanks for sharing! 

    Here is my favorite joke. 

    A newly wedded couple were dancing and the woman said, "Oh, I want to dance like this forever!"

    The man was shocked and said, "What!?! Don't you want to improve yourself?" 


    How about you, dear Lynne? Are you a good dancer? 

  • b0281.gif you're welcome!

  • Tricky and funny!

    Thanks for putting smile on our face.

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