• Hello Darius,


    I believe real friendship has to go in a slow and a long process.

    Like what we learn (as I remember) in the characters of the Little Prince. The Prince and the pilot has gone through process before they consider themselves friends. Get to know each other, their good qualities as well as the bad in them. At first the pilot couldn't understand the nature of the prince but as TIME goes by, when he started to examine closely the behavior of the prince, he started to understand him and like him. As his fondness of the boy grew, he also felt sympathy to him. Happiness and contentment even in the slightest gesture of kindness from him. He learned to love him. He thought his welfare being. Wanted him to be safe always and be happy always.


    I learned from you my friend, that our friends are the mirrors in our life. They are the reflection of what we are. Our ideals, thoughts and feelings reflect to them. The mirror in which we can see ourselves, or the person of what we want to be.


    As I relate it the story of " Little Prince" I think the pilot at first doesn't want to be involved with the little prince. He tried at first to push away the little prince because what the boy's said about him are true. And truth sometimes hurts......but set us free. In this, we can say that pilot hate or annoyed by the little boy, he is hating his own reflection in his mirror. But as get to know this reflection of his, he then slowly and eventually accepted it. Liked it and love it.


    We sometimes hate the reflection of what we are seeing in our mirror (friends---because those only true friends are the ones who have the courage to say who you are and what actually you are or the errors in your doings)...


    So...criteria as to our friend to become our friend is if we able to see ourselves in them. Like the mirror, we are able to know of our "ugliness" as well as the "beauty". The reflection of who we are and what we want to be. And the person to whom one can freely express his "true self" because this person is no other than...but himself too..





    This was my first comment. Oh how I hope it wont be deleted anymore.  I don't know what is the prob with my comment. I can see my profile that I replied but couldn't see the writings.

  • Dear Darius,


    I don't think that i would be able to answer your questions in short forms, but i will try to express my views in below, and much hope that some sort of answers are found there.


    I firmly believe that FIRST IMPRESSION is the key to solve many issues. It would play very important role in all sort of relationships, as well as day to day businesses, whether we buy food, clothes....or finally making friends.

    Imagine that you are with an Estate Agent and going to see a house to buy. Soon he/she tells you that this is the street where the house is located, the very first thing you will do, is to keep your eyes on the ones that look clean and tidy from the outside. You will try to ignore the ones with damp walls, broken doors, broken windows....And even if he/she tries to convince you that inside of the house is like a palace, you still probably refuse to go in. You know why? because FIRST IMPRESSION has already convinced your mind and heart to say NO to that particular one.


    The point that i am trying to make here is this, that we should always keep our walls (HANDS), doors (MOUTH) and windows (EYES) clean and free of brushwoods. Never act rough, and always keep the tools (eyes, mouth, hands) in proper control.

    Your mind and heart are already under the influence of the FIRST IMPRESSION and it will allow you more time to scrutinze everything and only then you can make the right decision. But make sure you check the INTERNAL features (Heart, Mind, Foundation) properly before you make your decision.

    خشت اول را گر معمار ماند کج         تا ثريا گر رود ديوار کج

    Now is the time, to keep good maintenanace of this relationship. A good friend is like your own house where you live. Whenever you come to that friend after a long day at work, you should be able to relax, and there is one more thing that i think is more important and the most valued, is, that you should be able to walk naked in your house, MEANS, nothing must be hidden in that relationship. Once you get to that conclusion, you have reached your destination, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!


    God Bless,


    • Oh!! Our dear Tofaan!


      Maybe you are a teacher.

      Hands, Mouth, Eyes, Hearts, Minds, Walking naked…

      They were very good simulation. Thank you so much for it.

      But let me say something about FIRST IMPRESSION please.

      I agree with you. It’s very important. But I must say that it can’t be always true.

    • Dear Sahar,


      Once again, Million thanks for spending few more moments of your time and sharing your opinion with me. I 100% respect your views not just on this particular issue, but on any other that you have been commenting on.

      I probably couldn't make it more clearer, but i just want to add here, that The FST IMP, will earn you the extra mile, sec, and maybe years that we all need to judge, and then decide... You are right, nothing will be always true, but when we say, this is very IMPORTANT, that's it. We always give priority to things which are important.

      Making friend is probably the easiest thing these days, but finding the right one and keeping is the hardest. Time is needed badly for that.


      Sahar, I did try couple of places, where they wanted teachers, but they told me to go to school first, i wish you were there, i would have had a job now, and you would have been responsible for those poor students.




    • That’s very nice of you, dear Tofaan.

      They told you to go to school first?!

      What do you mean?!! Do you mean that you never go to school?!!!

      Or you mean that you had to teach in the school first?

    • Dear Sahar,


      I hope you don't get upset. I was only teasing, but in a friendly way though.


      Let me tell you something else as well, and that is, that i respect you more than before, because you have earned it now.





    • I have earned more?! Good! But how?!!

      Oh! Maybe it’s the other teasing!

    • I think that i owe you an apology. would that make you happy?


      I tried my best to explain, i can see, it did't work. i thought we were friends, and friends, i suppose were allowed to have tiny jokes like the one i posted.

      If you agree, we should put a full stop here now, and carry on from here.

    • Oh! My God!!

      Really sorry! I didn’t think that you get this result from my sentence!


    • Thank you Tofaan  for your attention !

      Imagine you are going to describe a landscape where you are seeing  over a dusty window.A window which is covered completely under a layer of dust never can show you a good vision. So we are not able to judge about that landscape well. First of all we should clean it.

      Based on Optical physics aspects to see everything we needs three components. A source of light, a surface which can reflect that  and  eyes ( or other sensitive receivers ).To get the best result all of those components should be prepared. The source of light is originated from an absolute resource. So we need to do something for reflector and receiver parts.

      Saeb Tabrizi  Our great poet said :

      Who's said that heaven is located in an upper world ?

      Every where you feel your time is passing well could be heaven.

      And hell is cause of the darkness of inside( heart)

      As you illuminate your heart everywhere could be heaven for you. 

      اين چه قوليست كه در عالم بالاست بهشت        هركجا وقت خوش افتاد همانجاست بهشت

      دوزخ از تيرگي بخت درون تو بود                    دل اگر تيره نباشد همه دنياست بهشت


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