The heroes of this group are letters - letters that cooperate to produce words and of course meaningful ones. This humble work of letters necessitates the creation of dictionaries, and makes us dictionary-bound to understand the meaning of words.
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How the Game Started

Once upon a time Mr P was annoyed and was blaming his loneliness and uselessness. To overcome this he called his friend Miss L to ask about her news and fix a date to meet. Next day, they met At the coffee shop and started remembring their old days and how they missed their two friends Mr A and Mrs Y,and how good friends and companions they were. Mr P and Mrs L decided to call Mr A and Mrs Y to join and form their group and start an activity: to PLAY.
Being four letters was not enough for them to vary their game, apply rules and devolop it. Voluntarily, they invite the other letters to join. The P L A Y team and their mates succeeded in creating a huge number of words and call it Vocabulary which was the material of the game.
With all rights reserved, in our turn we are going to adopt the four letters game as follows:
- Choose a word from vocabulary.
- "Play" with the chosen word in deffirent ways to derive the maximum of words from it.
- Identify which new words you find.
- Provide an explanation to these words.
- Make senteces with these new words.
- Finally, choose a word for the next player,
and conclude with the expression ' Can you find more?' .i.e. the next player has to read your work and find any other words.
I wish I am clear and to the point.
With the best of luck.
Play and learn.

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  • Is lovedeep a word?

    I think it is, but I'm not able to explain it...
    But I think, I could make sentences with it. Like: "Your stupidity is lovedeep." Oh yeah right. Was that actually positive.. I had to be positive. So positive that even lovedeeply sleeping people would notice. Then how about this: "You have love deep eyes" No? Yeah right. I didn't think it would sound good. Then maybe: "His words had so lovedeep meaning, that even he self didn't understand what the hell he was talking about.
  • ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • DEVELOPE /D: "dove peel" "deep love" "peed love" Sorry, awak. They all are written by 2 separate words. And the last one is kinda vulgar. Seems like I'm still not gonna play with you.

    Instead, here is a video for you. :P
  • Hi Hanane, that doesn't have any importance, isn't? All it would give to me, is that I could go to bed at night with a big smile on face, by thinking: "I'm a nice guy.", but what does it really mean. That I'm full of my self and vain? That means, being nice guy isn't important. There's many ways to please own ego, it doesn't have to be being a nice guy. There might be some easier way, like being the world rudest guy.

    Sorry, u missed the punctuation after "Yes". I don't know, if you were sarcastic or it was compliment. ;)
    If there was "?" I could think it as sarcasm.. actually if there were "!" or "." I could still take it as sarcasm. I like to take it as sarcasm, or reproach. :P It's more fun that way. I might still like word wrestling. :P
  • You are welcome Awak, you can start the game you wanted.
    Hi Hardi, you are a nice guy. Yes
  • ngtdnghia@
    Grumpy: rum, um, gum, up, yum, guy... I can't find more.

    I always thought, that I'm loud interesting. Sorry. Actually, I'm never been interested in World Wrestling.

    Well my output stream have only 2 way valve. It can be fully opened or tightly closed. No other options are available. There's no filters for censoring. And that's way there comes either, all out, or there comes nothing. And because I'm very confident of my self. I keep the valve opened. By closing it only for maintenance. And it's bad for valve to keep it closed, because there will be lime starting to clog up and then u can't open it at all. But you still need to close it time to time to be sure it won't get stuck because of lime, that might still get there. LOL
    Really actually the guy who said that I tell anything out that comes to my mind and fail to listening others, was the stupidest guy on earth. So it can't be taken seriously. But I just use it as excuse because it's convenient to me. I can tell that this is just how I am and don't need to listen anyone :D

    Sophisticated: tat, hop, hip, hop, shop, path, pathetic, sap, dos, pot, top, set, his, tact, sat, cat, seat.. I can't think more now. :)
  • Grumpy: rum, um,
    Hiz, can you find more ^^
  • :D
    I meant grumpy by the word grumpy.
  • What do you mean by the word grumpy Hardi?
  • I don't know what WWF is. Google tells me, that it's either World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. or The World Wide Fund for Nature.

    I'm just unreliable person who says what ever comes to his mind, while never being concerned of other's.. Or something like this. I guess, it might be so.. I really don't know by my self, but I have told that. Sorry.

    Well actually I don't have any favorite games. I liked Hananes game in beginning.. I think Hanane is a little grumpy, because people haven't come to play with her anymore.. :D And well, since no one is playing here. I haven't liked her game anymore. :P

    How to play. Hanane's game.

    I will give a word to you and then You will try to make different words from the letters, that the word I gave contained.

    Examle: If the word I gave was favorite. You can make words favor, rite, over, fit, fat, for, vote, and so on... the more words you find the better. And if you find a new word that you didn't know before, then you can also explain the word.. You can find the explanation of words from a thesaurus, or just type "define: and the word you are searching to google" like this You can also make new sentences with the new words you learned..

    So I give you the word. whipsaw

    Since whipsaw is a new word to me that i didn't know before. I picked it randomly from database. I give explanation.
    Whipsaw as noun: A saw with handles at both ends; intended for use by two people

    whipsaw as verb: Victimize, especially in gambling or negotiations; Saw with a whipsaw.

    Seems Hanane already gave you a word. So you can choose between two, or just choose to answer to both. :D
    define: WWF - Google Search
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You know, I like this word very much because it functions as a verb and as an adjective, besides it can mean so many meanings.Here you are some: to save, to waste, to free, have something extra, something you do not need any more, prevent someone from experiencing something bad.Now I can think of some exemples to make things clear:*I have to spare some money to offer my friend a birthday-gift.*The exams are so near, I have no time to spare.*You can spend the night here, we have a spare room in…

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