My friends, let's choose the best March question. As usual, each of us should choose 5 questions he/she likes more.

Round 1 (Mishaikh).


The performance by a public official of an act that is legally justified, harmful, or contrary to law; wrongdoing (used especially an act in violation of a public trust).

You have to tell the 'term' (word out of law) used to described the above situation.

Answer: Malfeasance.

Round 2 (Muscan).


It is a popular computer on a single chip or a single board computer or the micro-PC. Its name reminds me something delicious. 

Answer: Raspberry PI.

Round 3 (Dan).

Question: This word originated from US military slang. It means newly commissioned officers. But now, we use it to define an unexperienced person. You should tell me this word.

Answer: a shavetail.

Round 4 (Rahul Wazir).

Question : In all sports, the character that represents the team is called the____. 

Answer: mascot.

Round 5 (Dan).

Question: You all know what the HAPPY END is. Most of American movies end like this. So, what other word can we use to define a story's happy ending?

Answer: the eucatastrophe.

Round 6 (Valentina).

Question: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were sitting by the fire in the study of 221b Baker Street. They had been sitting in silence for a long time before Holmes spoke. "Tell me, Watson, what is it that occurs four times in every week, twice in every month, but only once in a year?"

"I've no idea, Holmes," grunted Watson.

Can you supply the answer?

Answer: a letter “E”.

Round 7 (Peppo).
Question: What is the national animal of Canada? It's the country mascot. And what is their food?

Answer: a beaver, eats only water plants, sedges, water lilies, etc.

Round 8 (Valentina).

Question: My name can sound in different languages like something alive, or like a building, or like a mean of transport, or even like a spirit or energy. What am I?

Answer: a castle/rook (a chess piece).

Round 9 (Dan).

Question: You all know Florida is one of the American states. Its name means something like "Feast of the flowers" in Spanish and it is easy to understand as we all know what FLORA is. So, my question is: what is the official nickname of Florida?

Answer: the Sunshine State.

Round 10 (Risty).

You can find me almost everywhere, even in the stars, universe and even in the smallest part of your matter. :D. My name has a Greek origin. Give me a partner and I can form some lethal, useful and edible matters. What am I?

Answer: hydrogene.

Round 11 (Rahul).

Question: There is room in which no one can enter and no one can leave. Which room I am talking about?

Answer: a mushroom.

Round:12 (Risty).

Question: Round:12

Question: A politician in an African country. His birth was unknown. He was an athlete during his time as an army for physical sports. Originally he was an assistant cook when he joined a particular army but falsely claimed that he was forced to join the army during WWII. Who is this guy?

 Who is this guy?

Answer: Idi Amin Dada, one of the presidents of Uganda known as one of the most tyrannical country leaders.

Round 13 (Dan).

Question: IT can be loose, sharp. arrowy, lying. We can hold IT, swallow IT, loosen IT. What is IT?

Answer: a tongue.

Round: 14 (Risty).

Question: This experiment done to the political prisoners that were deemed enemies of the state during WWII, they were promised that they would be freed if they submitted to this test. What is the name of this experiment?

Answer: the Russian Sleep Experiment also called Orange Soda.

Round 15 (Valentina).

Two criminals, Smith and Jones, had been apprehended by Sherlock Holmes, who immediately transported them to Scotland Yard where they were interrogated by Inspector Lestrade. "For the record," said Lestrade, "I need to know just how old you both are."

"Well," answered Smith, "our combined age is 91 years. I'm twice as old as Jones was when I was as old as he is now!"

"Pardon?" said Lestrade.

"No need to look confused, Inspector," said Holmes. "From the information just supplied I know exactly how old they both are."

Can you work out how old Smith and Jones were?

Round 16 (Muskan).

Question: He was a famous nature expert from Australia and let me give the easiest clue he is known as The Crocodile Hunter. 

swer: 52 and 39.

Answer: Steve Irwin.

Round: 17 (Risty).

Question: From a very recent film that was first released in Germany, about a famous girl in a famous social network site that befriends a weird lonely girl.  For the last part of the movie, the main character faces the camera and her eyes turned from_______? This reveals that the main character has been ___________?

Answer: 1. green to blue 

2. possessed by the spirit of Marina.

Round: 18 (Muskan).

Question: She is second Australian actress who won Academy Award for best actress. Who is she?

Answer: Cate Blanchett.

Round 19 (Risty).

Question: Filipino people used this/these word(s) in our sentences when talking to our elderly, or to someone we respect, or to strangers. Sometimes we even used this/these word(s) to younger ones to mock them for being disrespectful. What is this/these tagalong word(s)? One word is enough for an answer.

Answer: PO, OPO.

Round 20 (Muskan).

Question: It is so large that you can see it from space....... but wait it is located in Australia. And it is not a mysterious thing (I know you might get confused with another amazing thing of Australia). It is a well known thing..

Answer: The Great Barrier Reef.

Round 20 (Valentina).

If you reverse the digits in the age of Mrs. Hudson, the housekeeper at 221b Baker Street, you get the age of Inspector Lestrade. Mrs. Hudson was older than Lestrade and the difference between their ages is 1/11th of the sum of their ages.

How old were Mrs. Hudson and Inspector Lestrade?

Answer: 54 and 45.

Round 22 (Muskan).

Question: I call it the true eye of human being to look into universe with great depth. When they first setup this thing it was counted as a biggest failure of NASA cause results were useless due to some fault in system. Anyway, NASA fixed it by a challenging mission and now it is the most precious thing for science community. What is it? 

Answer: a Hubble space telescope.

Round 23 (Dan).

Question: How to characterize some text containing too many long uncommon words?

Answer: sesquipedalian (an adjective).

Round 24 (Onee).

Question: I'm a parasite. Do you know who I am? Where do you think I can live? (picture)

Answer: It is a cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis female. It lives in cat's hair.

Round 25 (Dan).

Question: These things were used in housekeeping many years ago. What were they used for and what their names are (picture)?

Answer: they are a beater (dolly) and a mangle (calender). They were used for pressing or ironing (though there were no irons then) clothes.

Round 26 (Valentina).

Question: Continue the proverb and explain its meaning: Prosperity makes friends, but ..

Answer: Adversity tries them..

So having lots of friends in good days is easy. If you have money, resources people come to you as posing your friends to enjoy the good time you can manage and spend on them but when it comes to tough time when prosperity is over only those who are real stays. 

Round: 27 (Muskan).
Question: He was insomniac but he was a great mathematician. He died cause he had to give classes to the princess and for that he had to wake up early at 5.30 am. :0 it wasn't exactly that, he caught pneumonia due to morning cold and couldn't recover. But in anyway we lost him early :(.
There's a place where his skull is resting and available for public display. Who is he and where is his scull located?

Answer: his name is Rene Descartes and his skull has been held by Paris' National Museum of Natural History since 1821.

Round 28 (Peppo).
Question: Name a Japanese cartoon aka anime which is often called as the former of Christopher Nolan's Inception. They shared many similarities, but this movie released at 2016 is considered as more mind blowing than Inception. 

Answer: Paprika.

Round: 29 (Muskan).
Question: This movie is based on a true CIA mission to rescue hostages in Iran. Which movie is that?

Answer: Argo.

Round : 30 (Rahul).

Question : how many countries the Amazon and its tributaries flows?

Answer: 5 countries: Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia.

Round 31 (Dan).

Question: The famous Italian sculptor, Benvenuto Cellini, had a very gifted student. One famous French writer wrote a great novel about their lives and relationship. You should tell me the name of the writer and the novel. The name of the student was the same as the name of that fiction.

Answer: “Ascanio” by Alexandre Dumas.

Round 32(Mishaikh).

Question: 'Tickets' is a word.  You have to tell me with which another word it is represented.

Answer: tix.

Round 33 (Muskan).

Question: It is a word, noun, taken from Hindi and it means an expert of the field. Though if you are going to use it in Hindi it will be a person who is expert in Hindu religious practices, the one who takes care of the temple usually.

Answer: pundit.

Round 34 (Mishaikh).

Question: This is a very famous painting.  You have to give the name of this painting and the name of the painter.

Answer: Chart of Hell by Sandro Botticelli.

Round: 35 (Muskan).

Question: Once upon a time, a man was on a boat trip, and he asked to himself, "Why the ocean looks blue?". As being a physicist he dived into deep and found the answer. He won a noble prize for this work. Who is he and what is the name of the effect that he found as answer of the question?

Answer: C.V. Raman (Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman)

Raman Effect

Round 36 (Mishaikh).

Question: in the following picture there is a minar and a pillar.  You have to tell the name of both.

Answer: It is Qutub Minar and the Ashokan pillar in Delhi.

Round 37 (Dan).

Question: It is a natural phenomenon. When you see it, you can't believe your eyes. Speaking about myself, I can say I see the keyboard and hear music. It so breathtaking that ancient people thought it was god's blessing or, maybe, his damnation. But now we know it is just a natural physical process. What is it?

Answer: It is aurora borealis, or Nothern/Polar lights, the result of collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth's atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun's atmosphere. 

Round 38 (Dan).

Question: this word means fear of rail transport.

Answer: Siderodromophobia.

Round: 39 (Luci).
It can fly....but it has no wings.
It can lie.... but it has no back.
Sparrow's quill is much more heavier..
therefore it can bend treetops...
What is it???

Answer: a snowflake.

Round: 40 (Mishaikh).
Question: a scrap or morsel of food left at a meal.  Describe this in one word.

Answer: ort.

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  • Here’s my choices for the month of March…6,8,10,22,25

  • 23, 32, 38, 39, 40

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  • My votes go for: 20, 29, 35, 37, 39

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