Time for me to go.

Hello all karaoke members,

I admire you all, you are a great group, always ready for new challenges. Unfortunately, I can not follow you all as much as I wish. I have been away for almost 2 weeks and things have been so fast here that it's impossible for me to catch up with all of your recordings. So I believe it's better for me to tell you not to count on me anymore, I prefer to quit here than to follow now and then. I like to listen  to you all and to write comment to each of you but it's not possible anymore so, I prefer to stop here. 
Wishing you all much fun, this group is really great so keep going. 


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    Dear Manuela,

    I see you, priorities changes depend on our circumtances,

    I hope you only leave our group and keep seeing each other in another challenging, 

    thanks for your great friendship,

    All the best, take very good care of yourself,



  • Carlos is right Ms. Manuela, please don't leave us. You can stay forever in Karaoke. Even if you can't catch with challenges or recordings what matter most is your presence, friendship. We don't demand the quantity of recordings but the quality of it and this friendship we have here. You can comment and be our mentor. Just don't leave.
    Without a friendly face, this would be a lonely place :(.
    Love you,
  • Don't do this Manuela. I know that you cannot check the progress of the group. However, you need to keep on encoraging people to learn and share their English. You can arrange a day, a specific hour and invest thirty minutes checking and commenting. Please, don't stop following us. If you quit, we will lose someone who is vital in the group, because everyone is important in the group. Please don't go and keep on learning wiht us. 

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