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8 Reasons One Should Sing


                                                 I got this picture from here.

I am a shy person. I had never sang before. However, from the birth of Karaoke Group, I sang. The funny thing is I do not even have  proper voice to sing. I even hated to l

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Deep Blue Sea

Hello my dear friends,

Here is a very nice song called "Deep Blue Sea":

and here is my contribution, however, please turn up your volume before listening because for some reason my sound system doesn't work properly and my voice is so low.
Record mu

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Let's sing together, Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo

Hello my dear friends,

That was my first listening in Mad Man, TV Series, I never had heard it before,

yes I am mentioning about "Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo" or as original "Zou Bisou Bisou"

Let's see if you like it ? :)) If your answer yes, why not join me ?


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Hope & Courage

Good Morning my dear friends,

Today, I decided to share a story with you,

to show you importance of the meaning and the place of the music in our lives.

When you watch this, you'll be agree with me, ready ?

Now I would like to present my blog related wit

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