Request a song on the street singers

Hello guys,

I didn't know what should I do to start this discussion on our beloved group. Ok, Selma has inspired me to post this topic. Today I started my activities and I met a group of singers--street singers (they consist of two or three people), those who usually likes to hangout in public transport (in Indonesia they called "pengamen").

They sing one or a few songs alternately. Aha ... this time I requested a song that I like "beautiful girl". Unlucky, they were only able to sing Indonesian song :p Have you ever requested a song on the street singers like I did? what's song?

In Indonesia, commonly "pengamen" sang songs in the public transport to just make a living. How about your country?

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  • I agree Miley! Philippines is really a singing nation. We also have that street singers in my place (Sorsogon province). Some moved from house to house and ask little amount of money. I bet this Christmas season there are many streets singers that will come to my house in exchange of  little amount of money. 




    No surprise for that you are so talent for singing, it seems very natural in your country, Singing Nation.


    Old songs became vey trendy and also my favorite.

    Dear Nadiyah,

    You brought Karaoke a new extent with this discussion. Thank you.

    I often see "pengamen" (thanks to teach me a new word) at the metro stations in İstanbul,


    I love singing !


    Have a beautiful day,

  • Hello Nadiyah,

    It's the same in Belgium, there are many streets artists who play music, or do sidewalks' painting in big cities. As in your country, they do it for a living.

  • Well Philippines is a SINGING NATION. In any corner of these 7,100 islands there is KARAOKE.

    So everybody can sing anything under the sun hehehehe...

    Street singers from my place (DAGUPAN CITY) our those homeless one, who are disabled but they are really a good singers, having a really great voice like profesionals. They do this also for their living.

    They prefer to sing old songs.

    They are still bless for God gave them a talent.

    Praise God!

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