Let's Sing Together - Sir Cliff Richard's Songs!

Sir Cliff Richard was Britains first rock & roll singer. It was once said by John Lennon that there wasn't any music worth listening to before Cliff came along. Sir Cliff has many gold & platimum awards and has had a long career in music. His style has mellowed over the years , starting as rock "n" roll then mellowing to more easy listening music. He has had a top 20 hit in every decade from 1950 -2000.

Here are some of my favorites, Let us sing together 'Cliff Richard's Song'. To hone over english speaking.


My Favourite song is 'The Young Ones'.


The Young Ones lyrics

The young ones
darling where the young ones
and the young ones
shouldn't be afraid
To live low while the flame is strong
'cause may not be the very young ones very long

why wait until tomorrow
'cause tomorrow sometimes never comes
So love me there's a song to be sung
and the best time is to sing it while we're young

Once in every lifetime

comes the love like this
Oh I need you
and you need me
oh my darling
can't you see?

The young dreams should be dreams together
and the young hearts shouldn't be afraid
And some day
when the years have flown
darling then we'll teach the young ones of our own

Once in every lifetime
comes a love like this.
oh! I need you and you need me.
Oh my darling can't you see.
Young dreams
Should be dreamed together,
and Young hearts shouldn't be afraid.
And some day, while the years have flown
Darling, this will teach the young ones of our own.

Thanks You All!

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  • Hi Sandeep,

    Awesome, I liked it, I think I'll give a try :))

    in fact, I've already sung with you, very fun....

    Thanks for sharing,

  • Keep up the good work dear Sandeep! Great! clap clap clap!

  • Wow awesome Sandeep! Excellent job! 

    • Thank you Nafis! I'm glad you like it. :)

      I wish you sing the Sir Cliff Richard song here. ^.^

  • Hello All, This is my first song. The Next Time. Sandeep force me to try sing it and He is a good Teacher. Thank you Sandeep....^.^ Please don't laugh, if wanna laugh oke, It is no problem, because when I heard it, I couldn't stop laugh too. Enjoy it Please....Thanks....^.*


    • Hello Ana!

      I should prefer to call  you like this. I thought Anau is a name of a boy but when I heard your rendition...Wow got shocked. I heard a lovely voice. The next time you will sing I hope it will be on your workshop;).

      Stay with us!

    • Thanks MileyJ!

        Yup, You can call me with Ana. Hmm....I never think to sing, Because it is hard lesson for me. Howewer, I will try to take part in this challenge. And You are best singer too....^.^

      Thank you.

    • You are very welcome Ana.

      Hope to hear more from you. Thanks for saying I'm one of the best here..I guess only here in Karaoke ;). It's my interesting way to learn English. 

      Good night!

      God Bless.

    • Hello Ana!

      You sound so cool and perfect, your voice is so sweet. You have the same problem just like me of singing our vocals are not fully opened yet. The centre part of pitch is needs to tweak and that can only be perfect by singing more and more. 

      Just singing more and see the changes.

      Thanks you so much for participating in the challenge. I hope you should open your workshop, try it. It's learning and improving method. Try it! :)


    • Thanks ...^.^


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