Hello my friends,

Have you heard from Darius ? He was so active here and i was used to listen to his songs so often that now, i am feeling a lack.

Where is he ?  I hope things are fine for him and that he's just too busy taking care of his flowers and gardens to come here to sing for us.


Wishing you all a shining weekend.



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    I hope you to come back soon Darius,


    He may be on journay, even no a little sign from him,,,


    • Journey?!


      So, we can expect he will come back with a big knapsack of his nicer songs!

  • I'm also longing to Mr. Cool Guy - Darius. 

    Hope he'll come back soon.....

  • Thanks dear Sahar, so we know now why Darius has been absent here for a while.
    • Yes, now we know.

      But there are some starnge things here!

      When I was comparing his comment with your question, I've felt that Darius is answering to your question himself!

      Please, see: 

      Where is he... ?

      -I know where he is... ! 


      As if he's just written to your question!

  • Hi dear Manuela

    Please look at this comment:



    Comment by Darius on October 2, 2011 at 10:58am in Karaoke

    I know where he is ! 

    He is busy busy these days and he is not able to come to his workshop. He starts his day every early morning (5:30 am ) and leaves his office late ( 10:00 pm ) with a mass of paper to read them at home up to midnight and after all his other work to do . Oh he needs at least 48 hours in a day .His throat is full of songs but he is suffering from lack of time . His heart is palpitating for his friends in EC  specially in Karaoke group to be with them all, but he's surrounded  by so many duties to do.


    Hope that he is doing his best and will come back soon.

    • Very nice sentence!

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