8 Reasons One Should Sing

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I am a shy person. I had never sang before. However, from the birth of Karaoke Group, I sang. The funny thing is I do not even have  proper voice to sing. I even hated to listen to my voice. Listening to my voice was frightening. However, I realized everybody has this feeling. No one likes to listen to his or her own voice especially on the Internet where everybody can listen to them. I tried to ignore this feeling and sing. To my surprise, singing experience in Karaoke group turned out  fantastic.

Here are 8 benefits of singing:

1-For English learners, singing is really important. It is said that students who sing have better speaking skill and can recognize intonation of the words and sentences better than those who do not sing. (Source: I read this in an article written by A.J Hoge)

  2-Singing makes you know more deeply about your friends and know their "True self".You may think we can get to know members in the other area of MYEC by reading their comments or blogs. Not everybody expresses his or her own feelings or emotions through comments or blogs. However, singing makes you free of any limiting thoughts. You can be your "True self" and express what you really feel or think. As a result, you see your authentic friend. When you get to know their "True self", You feel you are more closer to them. Next, strong friendship blooms and grow strongly.

3- You can practice your English all day long just by singing. You can sing in the car, on the street, in the shower, in the kitchen while cooking , etc. Moreover, it's hard and boring to repeat English sentences many times, but by singing, that boring task would be enjoyable.

4-You learn how to speak in English in an amusing way. Getting familiar with English sentence structures enables learners to know how to think in English. When you know how to think in English, then you can speak more fluently.

5-You broaden your vocabulary. Each songs contain new words. Seeing these words in a sentence makes you remember the word with ease. Furthermore, the new word would be repeated in the song over and over. Therefore, by the end of the song, you have learned new words and are able to remember them very well.

6-Singing has physical benefits. To name few, it increases immune system and improves memory. (Source:More singing please)

7-Boosting your mood because of releasing Endorphin in the brain is a psychological effect of singing.(Source:More singing please)

8-It creates a sense of "Bonding" in a community.(Source:More singing please)


Now, my dear friend, Selma, posted a discussion, "Let's sing together, Zoo be zoo be zoo" in Karaoke Group. If you are interested, you are very welcome to take part in this discussion or any discussions you like in Karaoke Group. I'm so sure Selma would be so happy. I hope we all can make our friend, Selma, happy. In other words, it does not matter that much if you have a great voice or not to sing , what matter is you "ARE" with your friends while singing. Our presence is what our friends expect from us.



1-More singing please: http://www.moresingingplease.com/benefits-of-singing.

2-Health Benefits of Singing, http://visual.ly/health-benefits-singing.


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  • You are absolutely right, Nafis. That's why my motto is: One song a day keep the doctor away :).not only one song though.
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