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  • Actually the heat of the hell cannot be described or compared with the heat of the world.

    • Hello Saleh,

      Sure Saleh, I have asked that question in the context of people whom can't be patience in summer, when the weather become so hot. Especially women, I think you understand me! 

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  •  It is far of imagination & out of comparison ,but sometimes when I see the food on the grill and hear its sizzle ,I remember the Hell.Hell is intolerable and its fuels are people (pagans & disobedient ones ) & stones. Sheikh Abou Ishaq Al Huwanie a week ago said :"Who knows Hell fire as its knowledge should be, will never supplicate on anybody to enter it."May Allah save us from His punishment and  make it forbidden on our bodies.  Amen!      

    • Hello Amal,

      Thanks for your comment. As you said May Allah saves us from the hell and forbids the fire to touch our bodies.

  • Hi,

    Imagination of this occurrence is also terrible, but I say even more; " THEY ARE NOT COMPARABLE ".

    • Hello Mohammed,

      you are right the imagination itself are fearful, what about the hell's fire? May Allah saves us! Ameen

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