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Learn English perfect manner

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We know that God is just, and that His judgement is just.

I'd like understand a thing:

If God is just and His judgement is just, then:

  •  How can God set free a man of the hell if this man is a sinner?
  •  How can God allow a person enter in the paradise if H

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For The Sake Of Knowledge

Who is Sunni Muslim?
The Muslim who follows Sunnah.

What is sunnah?
The teaching and actions or examples of Muhammad, Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him). Personally, I don't like to label myself as Sunni Muslim as there is no such word "Sunni Muslim

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Ramadan preparation.

Assalam Alaikum

how do you prepare yourself forRamadan.I am sure every one has own goal to achieve this ramdhan.

how to be consistent and energetic throughout ramdhan. 

Hope people here have some good ideas

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I'm begin doing exercise " ricky" .It's helping on life healing ,and loveing for life ,and in all SideAre you doing "Ricky" ?? Or you know "Ricky" ?

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Woman singer in Islam??


Dear all my brothers and sisters...

I want to know your opinion about woman singer...

To tell you the truth, I was a singer. But, now I left all and have determined it so well.

I just want to know the opinions from my EC friends here..

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What's the most important for woman?

My son graduated in March 2014 an international business management from a University in Malaysia and at my own expense because she thought I would quickly suitable post. He reverted to his native Yemen and all the confidence and hope for that little

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Islamic Gap?

Unity between Sunni and Shia Muslims in Iran

Sunni'ism and Shi'ism are the two major branches of Islam. Shias make up the majority of the population in Iran, Iraq, and Bahrain, and a politically significant minority in Lebanon.

First I would like you t

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Which will you enter through?

1)Baab As-Salaat


While observing the payer

This is their door to paradise

2)Baab As-Sadaqah


Frequently giving away charity

This is their door

3)Baab Ar-Rayyaan


Especially during

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Islamic Movement

Islam means peace , but to establish peace there need a movement against all established law created by man . Islam teaches us to become an absolute personalty by Its all Ibadat(prayer) , so that we can take a part against all law created by man thos

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Ramadan karim

hello every body....

i wanna ask u to describe Ramadan karim in ur idea.....

lets go..........

i mean Ramadan is *flying to GOD & getting nearer & nearer to him..........*

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what is your idea ?

Hello all of my friends ..yesterday I was talking with one my friend about Islam. And what if his wife leave  Islam  and change his religion or to be a secular ..

so some of us are  Muslim and love our religion  ..some Hindu  and some Christian and so

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