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Succulent plants

Hi there!Ā 
Let me share with you one of my hobbies, it'sĀ propagating succulents... I've been doing this since I moved into my very first own apartment and I still enjoy doing it. :)Ā 


9110380485?profile=RESIZE_710xEvery time my plants look like this I take them out and remove the d

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Hello, my fellow Gardeners!

How have been doing lately? Do you have lots of worms in your garden? The easy way to know that without any further digging is when you see its castings on the top of your garden soil. The more worms, the better! They make

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Dave's Garden

Have you been to Dave's Garden? Well, it's in virtual world too but you could learn something especially about gardening, plants as well as tips in managing your garden. It's one of the best sites to know more about plants and probably most gardeners

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