Do you have a green thumb? Are you passionate about gardening and planting different varieties of fruits and vegetables? Perhaps you love collecting plants as a hobby? If so, you’re invited to join here!

We all know that gardening has beneficial effects to ourselves and it’s one of the best ways of helping our environment. Who wouldn’t like a clear air and serene surroundings?

This group is created for us gardeners (and people who would like to be one) so we could share and exchange information as well as  some tips and tricks about taking care of plants and managing a garden regardless of its size and location.

Let’s join hand in hand to contribute wellness and beauty through our colorful plants and make this community bloom again (while still learning English)!

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  • Hi, Robbie! I've just joined your group. :) Hope you're doing fine!
  • Hello, My Fellow Green Fingers!

    How have you been? What flowering plants do you like to grow in your garden? Here's my blog about 'Tithonia rotundifolia' also known as Mexican sunflower...

    Wishing you a fruitful time enjoying your garden while learning English here on MyEC!

    Thumbs Up for Tithonia!
    One of the most prolific annual plants to attract pollinators in the garden is the Tithonia rotundifolia or commonly known as the Mexican sunflower.…
  • Please bear with my late reply, May. I'm glad you're interested in gardening. I don't have kalanchoes but I learned they're very easy to propagate through leaf cuttings just like jade and begonia plants. :)
  • Hi Robbie
    Yes i am interested in plants and i have 4 potted plants:2kalachoes, one is orange other is pink,a cactus and the last one but i don't know its English name.
    Thanks for the reply!
  • Hello, Learner!

    Welcome to the group! Basically, we can share anything about plants whether they're in pots or on the ground. Are you into ornamental plants too? 

    Thank you for joining!

    Robbie :)

  • Hi everybody
    Can we ask about our potted plants too?

  • Welcome also to the group, Risty, Lavendre, and Abhi. Thank you so much for joining! :)

  • You're welcome, Usra! I hope I'd able to get this group running for a long time. Thanks again for commenting! :)

  • Hello, Usra!

    Thank you very much for joining this group! I myself is not an expert in gardening, but I'm optimistic that with dedication and patience we could achieve our goals in terms of taking care of plants. I usually learn through video tutorials by expert gardeners and horticulturists whenever I'm interested in a particular plant variety as well as tips in propagating it. I also read magazines and blogs about gardening.

    Furthermore, we're lucky to have access using the Internet which makes learning more interesting and inspiring.

    Wishing you success in gardening! I'm looking forward to hearing some updates about it in the future!

    Robbie :)

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Succulent plants

Hi there! Let me share with you one of my hobbies, it's propagating succulents... I've been doing this since I moved into my very first own apartment and I still enjoy doing it. :)  Every time my plants look like this I take them out and remove the dead leaves and also cut off some good ones.Then I leave them for 2-3 days on dry tissue paper till the cut has dried.Then I put them in damp but oligotrophic soil.  After some weeks new tiny plants are growing... When those are big and strong enough…

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Hello, my fellow Gardeners!How have been doing lately? Do you have lots of worms in your garden? The easy way to know that without any further digging is when you see its castings on the top of your garden soil. The more worms, the better! They make our soil rich and fertile!Here's a video about worms that you may find useful.What are your thoughts about this video? Please share them especially if you find this topic useful. Thanks in advance!

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Dave's Garden

Have you been to Dave's Garden? Well, it's in virtual world too but you could learn something especially about gardening, plants as well as tips in managing your garden. It's one of the best sites to know more about plants and probably most gardeners are familiar with this site.Someone recommended me to check out its site. It's pretty interesting to read the blogs and articles about the varieties of plants. Browsing to the colorful photos of flowers and garden brings inspiration to me. Other…

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