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  • hello nice to be in this group>>>>
  • hi i want to improve my speaking english so i look friend to talk

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  • Hello everyone.. I wanna to Improve my language by speaking and listening to other. Also I am looking for friends .. If you want, please add me at skybe ID : gaos2001
  • Reading really helps. It tell us about, how the mind of great people works. How is their culture? What problems they are facing and how are they solving their problems? Books are our best friends.
  • Hello all :
    how are you ?? hope you are OK and doing great
    your friend
    superman *_*
  • welcome Akhi Jamal , and i hope to be the active man member here
  • Thanks super man for creating this group, you have super group here.
    jamal alqhaiwi
  • I go on - and there is a "Heart of Dog"! It's one of my favourite books!
    The story is rather short, in comparison with the novel "Master and Margarita".
    Yhanks once more, Viviana!
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