A friend is like a flower,a rose to be exact,Or maybe like a brand new gatethat never comes unlatched.A friend is like a heart that goesstrong until the end.
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Friends care, Friends share, We need friends Everywhere!

My Friend

My Friend when I think of you.
I think of all that we've been through.
All the times we argue and fight,
I know deep inside that it isn't right.
I, then feel bad and alot of pain.
It feels like I've fallen from the sky like the rain.
I love you dear friend with all of my heart.
But now that you're gone I've fallen apart.
I'm getting better as the days go by.
I wish sometimes this was all a big lie.
I pray to you every night.
It's like you're my fire, a burning light.
My dear friend, I miss you alot.
I still wonder why you were put in that spot.
I know you're in a place much better than here.
Watching and helping me with all of my fear.
Our friendship my dear friend,
we will have to the end.
Friends til the end is what we will be.
Someday we'll be together,
together you and me.

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  • orkut scrap

  • hi dear friends,

    to tell the truth i have lots of friend in my reall life and very good friends here on MYEC .that i really take pride of all of you.

    you know, several years ago when i was studing hard(in fact i wanted to study hard) for my exams, i hade to stay home but i couldn't focus on my lessons because i was thinking of my friends and i always was waiting for them to come to my house and go out together.

    cuz my friend are evry thing for me.and i can not be without them at all.

  • i have never think about who my friends were. i feel lucky when i have them as my friends and they make me happy. because of them, i won't feel lonely or sad or some thing bad. being with them i feel confident and comfortable. having friends is so great.
  • friendship is not about the person you have known longest,

    it's about who came and never left you side.

    2380561059?profile=originalFriends like stars

    they come and go, but

    the one that stays is

    the one that golw

    2380561015?profile=originalThere us that one special friend

    out there for everyone

    2380561083?profile=originaland I do mine


  • Friend is me.LOL:-)
  • helo,
    I just joined the group,it's a sweet idea of friend!!

  • Are we friends,
    Are we not.
    You told me once, but I forgot.
    So tell me now and tell me true,
    So I can say I'm here for you.
    And if I die before you do,
    I'll go to heaven and wait for you.
    I'll give the angels back their wings,
    And risk the loss of everything.
    Just to prove my friendship is true,
    Just to have a friend like you.

  • Happy New Year
  • ***Marry Christmas***
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