I need friends

Hello, I am new in this group.

My motto is more friends more knowledge.

I have many friends from many countries.

I feel so happy when I read some mails from them.

I feel happy when we discuss something even only via mail,yahoo messenger, black berry messenger and also connecting in this english club.

You all are my important friends.

We can support each other.


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    • hi benthi.niu, thanks for joining to this discussions. you look very good in learning knowledge to take master. success for you. let's discuss anything we have. we can share together....my email is amiyosomister. you can connect me at yahoo messenger also. my skype name is panggih.amiyoso. last year i also visited guandong and shanghai on may. your country is very nice. but shanghai and guandong is different temperature. shanghai is a bit cold and guandong is a bit hot as my country.
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