Some COOL PLACES To HANG OUT ....In Vietnam?

Hi guys! Welcome to Vietnam !!! ^^

At first, I want to say thanks Syubidupapap for the recommend of topic:  "The cool place to hang out in Vietnam" , That's great idea!.. I make this discussion for Vietnam members here to be free in giving their experiences...


Actually, there are so many places to hang out with friends or family in Vietnam, somewhere for your vacation, travel, or just take some hours for relaxing after hard work...

In my scant of knowledge, and just in my observation around my life everyday, I just mention about some places we can go for relaxing...:P

As every where all over the world, except desert and two poles of course  ;) I think Bars, coffee shops, parks are some of the most popular place for hanging out in free time. And the same in Vietnam, I think it ups to everyone's mood and their own hobbies, Someone likes the noise, but someone loves the peaceful place... With noise, you can go to Bar, I'm not interested in Bar so much, so, I will talk about some peaceful place near my house :)

I like to go to "Đầm Sen" park, there are two type of entertainments, the first I call is "dry park" .. it means there just be a park, with some beautiful scenes, we can walking, or picnic, camping there and celebrating some special parties, Ya you can easy find some foods from canteens along the park....

And taking pictures of course... I love it.. hehe...

And the other is "water park" or "wet park" which is

the nickname we always joking about. There are so many activity there...

:) I just can describe some of them, if you want to join in there with us, Come to Vietnam...we always welcome you guys!

P.S: Dear Syubidupapap, If you don't like pork and wine, you can eat fruits and drink mineral water only... hehehe just kidding! you can enjoy some interesting things there...

Dear all, I appreciate your opinion for enrich our discussion. :P

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  • Hi Scarlett! It's summer in Vietnam these days, so it's very very hot. However, I feel better when I see your pictures. I want to visit Dam Sen park immediately. Unfortunately, I live in Hue, it's very far from here to there. Poor me! :(. I wish I could go there some day.

    • Hi Kanna, I hope you would have a chance to come Hochiminh City very soon, there are so many interesting things that may attract you at the first sight :P

  • Hi Scarlett,

     When read this writting, I sudden remember that nearly 2 year I didn't have chance to come Dam Sen Park. I still remember that it was one of my most favourite place when I was kid beside Zoo, Ky Hoa Park, Suoi Tien.... I could not sleep at night when my mother promised that she will take us to go to Dam Sen Park on the next day. These days always  my sweet memories

    @Mitran: I'm eager to see your son's birthday photos, share with us, please. I know he is so cute (maybe he look like you) ^^

    • lol..Chi, Thank you for your compliment.....Yes, let me choose and add them soon.

      P/s :, He doesn't look like me. I'm more..more...more...beautiful than

    • Yes, I'm totally agree with you, dear sis.

      But I'm sure he is more ...more....more...more handsome than you, right? lol ^^


    • doubt...

    • Hahaha.... Jerry Chi! I total agree with you this point! :D

    • But I dare not to post my own photo here. I'm afraid of both change my name (from Sis to mom or grandmom..OMG...)

    • Come on, Sis!!!

      You need to proud of your beauty, because you have such a beautiful Sis like me... hahaha.... (let me hold the electric line a while ....hahaha... do you understand my mean?)

    •, answer me..Where is your nose? don't say me already "blow up"

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