For all EC members who live in Vietnam.

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  • Hello everyone, I'm Olalabui. nice to joint this group...

  • Hey guys ... I've posted a forum about some fun and obscure facts our own country.

    I hope some of you guys don't mind to share about Vietnam in this forum.

  • Hi everyone! I'm Như. I'm from Hue city.  I'm very happy when I see an English group for Vietnamese in this site. Nice to meet all of you!

  • Dearest  Grape hyacinths

    Thank you for inviting me to join this group. I have lovely and nice friends from Vietnam. I even met my EC Vietnamese friend face to face a few years back. She was lovely. And you guys are lovely too.


  • Welcome to me !!!
    I'm happy to be a member of EC-VN group!
    Have a good health for all of you!
    I will be here later...!
  • Hi I'm Thúy, from Ha Noi.It is my first time here.
    Expect people to help.
  • lol....Hi...

    Me too, miss you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

  • May all of our group's members have a wonderful Mid-Autumn night with family and friends

    P.S: Hope it wil not rain tonight ^^


  • Wow...nice to meet you all :)

    This site is good for you study.

    Have fun!

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What is your traditional dish in your family?!?

My traditional dish in my big family is " Bun Thang - Hanoi Chicken Vermicelli " !   We have a traditional anniversary in my big family every year, every members from all close relatives families will come to my parent's house. And my great mom always cook a special traditional dish, it's called " Bun Thang " - Chicken vermicelli.    Bun Thang is a kind of noodle which stands for Hanoi cuisine. Many people said, having this dish could help them know more about Hanoian. Hanoi cuisine is not…

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Some COOL PLACES To HANG OUT ....In Vietnam?

Hi guys! Welcome to Vietnam !!! ^^At first, I want to say thanks Syubidupapap for the recommend of topic:  "The cool place to hang out in Vietnam" , That's great idea!.. I make this discussion for Vietnam members here to be free in giving their experiences...************Actually, there are so many places to hang out with friends or family in Vietnam, somewhere for your vacation, travel, or just take some hours for relaxing after hard work...In my scant of knowledge, and just in my observation…

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Chicken ....and lemon's leaf

Hey, my know, You're in hungry, let's enjoy my food. And kekeke.....Am I good in cooking? What? hhhhh...brrrr........You're dead, how dare you say that it is a "bad food"...You can eat that food with a mixture of salt  and pepper and lemon.

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Vietnamese Foods..! Yummy...Yummy..! Come to us guys ...!

CANH CHUA CHUA RAU MUỐNG (Vietnamese)Hi friends! Have you ever heard about this food? Let me put it to your mouth in your imagination ok?...hehehe... and then, come to Vietnam to taste it.. why not? :PYou know, I always eat so much rice with this food, I mean it tastes very delicious, such a little sour of tamarind, hot from pepper, and sweet from fish... Wow...yummy...yummy...! How do you feel now? must be very hungry right? hehe... If you have a chance to visit Vietnam, take a try on this…

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