• Let me satrt the first from Masnavi e Ma’navi (BOOK II):



           Four persons, a Persian, an Arab, a Turk, and a Greek, were traveling together, and received a present of a dirhem. The Persian said he would buy "angur" with it, the Arab said he would buy "inab," while the Turk and the Greek were for buying "uzum" and "astaphil" (staphyle), respectively. Now all these words mean one and the same thing, viz. "grapes;" but, owing to their ignorance of each other's languages, they fancied they each wanted to buy something different, and accordingly a violent quarrel arose between them. At last a wise man who knew all their languages came up and explained to them that they were all wishing for one and the same thing.

    Translated & Abridged by E. H. Whinfield

    • what a funny story with a lesson. I like it especially when I read this word " Inab" that means in my language : grapes. Good story Sahar, thanks a lot. please, post more stories, too.


    • I am so glad that you like it :)


      I love stories a lot :)

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