Every nation has its own traditional and cultural stories. Those stories that we called folktales. This group is created to share our folktales that we heard from our grandmothers. It's very interesting to tell the stories in our own words and in a simple way.

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A Funny Folktale:

There once lived a monk called Shan, in a village in China. He had earned a great name for himself. But he was very arrogant. Qui Jun heard of his arrogance and wanted to teach the monk a lesson. He went to meet Shan who neither greeted him nor acknowledged his presence. Just then a servant of the monk came with a message: "The son of an army officer is here to see you."

The monk said, "I will go and greet him." Shan welcomed the son of the army officer with respect. After the army officer's son had departed Qui Jun asked Shan the reason for his double-faced behavior  "Why is it that you greeted the army officer's son so respectfully, yet behaved so arrogantly towards me?" Shan the Monk had a quick reply: "Please don't get me wrong. For me greeting means not greeting and not greeting means greeting."

Qui Jun understood the monk's mischief and hit him hard on his head with his stick. "According to your logic, beating you means not beating and not beating you means beating. Therefore, I have to give you a beating," said Qui Jun. Shan immediately realized the folly of his actions and started showing respect to everyone he met, irrespective of their status.



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           I'd  like to share  with you  my  favourite  folk  taleThe%20Marble%20%20Princess.htm


         Here is another folk tale Three%20%20pieces%20of%20advice_files.htm

  • Thanks dear Maia for your participation in my group. It's a kind gesture from you... you are welcome:)


  • Hello everyone! Thanks Bright-rubies for creating this group, thanks Aija for your invitation. I'm very happy to be one of the members in this group. I like to read the folktales, it helps me to know more about the cultures and customs of many countries in the world. Also, It helps me to improve my English. I like this group very much!

  • Hi Asma, and all MyEC friends who joined my group, you are welcome in my humble group. thanks for joining us here and thanks Aija for invitation, too.


  • Thanks so much dear Aija for inviting me to this wonderful group.I'm glad to join you!


  • Thank you Aija for your invitation.

    In my country there are a lot of folktales, for kids the most, some stories are true are anothers are fantasies or fairytales.

  • Dearest my EC friends,.... you are welcome.2386142912?profile=original


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The Favorable Scent (My Story)

It is my story in Persian:عطر دلخواه        تنها گلدونش رو گذاشت لب پنجره تا خوب نگاهش کنه. آب دادن و تميز کردن برگها همونطورکه مامانش يادش داده بود کار هر روزش بود ولی امروز ميل عجيبی داشت که گلدون گلش رو بغل کنه. به‌نظرش قشنگتر از روزای قبل می‌اومد. بغلش کرد. صورتش با قطره‌های ريز روی برگها خيس شد. گل سرخ کوچکی رو که لای برگها پنهان شده بود رو استشمام کرد. کاش گلش عطر خوبی داشت. عميقتر نفس کشيد تا شايد کمی بوی عطر رو احساس کنه. همون کافی بود تا گلش بهترين باشه. گلش رو که دوباره نگاه کرد دلش…

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Telling Your Folktale By your Hand Writing

Here is a funny folktale that I translated from Arabic to English and I tried to write it in a special way..Three funny tasters:Three tasters were standing up next to cooking pot to taste the cooking. One of them took a piece of meat and tasted it. He suggested that the cooking is lacked of vinegar. The second one also took another piece of meat and tasted it. He suggested that it is lacked of spices. The third one took another piece of meat and tasted it, too. His suggestion was that it is…

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Folktales with your voice

Dear MYEC friends, it's so interesting to tell each other our cultural folktales, but I thought why we didn't record our voices while we are telling them. please, go far away from your academic voice to tell us your story in a simple and normal way.Finally, I want to thank our marvelous teacher Gabriel for encouraging me to record my voice after my hesitations This is my first trial:1-      Pretty and Intelligent:Once, there was a gray-haired man walking in his way. While that, he saw a stunner…

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EC Old Stories

Have you ever shared any stories in English Club before?!Or have you ever read any nice stories in EC before?If yes, then please share them with us here, too.

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