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The Favorable Scent (My Story)

It is my story in Persian:

عطر دلخواه

        تنها گلدونش رو گذاشت لب پنجره تا خوب نگاهش کنه. آب دادن و تميز کردن برگها همونطورکه مامانش يادش داده بود کار هر روزش بود ولی امروز ميل عجيبی داشت که گلدون گلش رو بغل کنه. به‌نظرش قشنگتر از روزای قبل می‌اومد

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Folktales with your voice

Dear MYEC friends, it's so interesting to tell each other our cultural folktales, but I thought why we didn't record our voices while we are telling them. please, go far away from your academic voice to tell us your story in a simple and normal way.


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Mathematical Stories

Hello dear Friends :)

Do you like Math Stories?!

Some stories which say about the importance of math or are depended on math field.


Let’s share these kinds of stories here :)


Please let me start the first:




        A teacher taught a boy

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EC Old Stories

Have you ever shared any stories in English Club before?!

Or have you ever read any nice stories in EC before?

If yes, then please share them with us here, too.

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Bedouin wisdom

Bedouin wisdom

Rumored that a Bedouin had three sons. Named his first son, Abdullah, and named the second Abdullah, and also named the third Abdullah. And when he was dying on his deathbed he said his will: Abdullah inherits, Abdullah does not inherit

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Baby Stories

We have many Persian children stories in our culture and we believe that children’s thoughts can be very impressed by them. So, we try to have the best lessons with simple words inside our children’s stories.

I love children stories and like to read t

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