i made this group for people who sometimes feel that they are crazy. Notice: i am first
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  • hey guys add me on viber for voice call okay +9779849128643
  • I'm enough crazy to chasing stupid guy... Arghhhh
  • Hi friends i am asad from Bangladesh........ I want to improve my English spoken skill........ so please add me on your skype.... my skype id : asad.uzzaman15

  • hai guys...i'm not having a very good day today. I'm piss off and i need to join this group with crazy people. hopefully it'll reduce my stress :)


  • Thxxx sisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 4 joining here, I love it, I'm sure SSFM BAND (SERA, SIMA, FAHIME, MAMAD) will make the most craziest discussions here.................... HAHAHA :-D

  • What a AWESOME GROUP hahhaha Thanks Fahime :D :D :D this group has made for us :)"

  • Heyyyyyy

    This is another crazy EC member who has joined crazy group...!


  • 2383289942?profile=originallove is what ?


  • I just read the description of this group and laughed so hard. My daughter always says she was born in Crazyland.
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Hi Crazy Group

I sometimes find myself crazy. So I just think it would be very nice to join this group. We can share some crazy moments of ours without being made fun of. Nice to meet you guys

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How ....?? @_*

HelloooOOO :-J i think this club is given so inattention and its sad for these very crazy members :)if here is crazy group so this discussion also can be insane .but there is a HOW for me that i want to ask you :D HOW did this group attract you to join here ? and what interesting thing made u to look at this side ?:) please explain what did this happen ? because for me myself it had a feeling depth behind ,as long as i admire being crazy ,i'm so engross about this word CRAZY ...so once my eyes…

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forget anything bUT PLEASE not yourself

i would like to tell you this short story about a crazy man.........******Two men (one is a soldier and the other is just a stupid man) booked a hotel room ..this last man wanted to get up too early so he ask to the wather to weak him up at dawn ...and realy ..this wather did what he was asked to do ..and because of the dark the man couldn't see clearly so he weared the solier clothes then afer sometime when he got out ...he looked at himself and said angrilyy''''(OHH! no the silly server!!!! i…

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