i would like to tell you this short story about a crazy man.........******Two men (one is a soldier and the other is just a stupid man) booked a hotel room ..this last man wanted to get up too early so he ask to the wather to weak him up at dawn ...and realy ..this wather did what he was asked to do ..and because of the dark the man couldn't see clearly so he weared the solier clothes then afer sometime when he got out ...he looked at himself and said angrilyy''''(OHH! no the silly server!!!! i asked him to weak me up ..But he got the solider up!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,????????*****

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  • Funny :))
    Thanx for sharing
  • khadija hello :)
    actually i think he wasnt so stupid dear ,but as i noticed he just imagined himself in his friend's body .....i liked him ,if u know him plz give me his number phone ,i would like to know him better ...lol ,it is wonderful that some one could get the other's attitudes by wearing his cloths ,really it is so rare thses days >_^
    thnx for this khadija :)
  • Thanks for you reply ..realy he is creazy man ......but we do not have to blame him Sometimes it hapens lool when we wear a jcket then we look for it when you put somthing in your mouth and you say in stonge voice ' where is it(this thing in your mouth)
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