• lol

    Bob said:
    At least your brother did not get you to test the house wiring on your tongue. ;o
  • At least your brother did not get you to test the house wiring on your tongue. ;o
  • lol Hardi your Brother is very smart why dont he test his smartness with the ohm meter :D
    maybe the resistance of his smartness will burnt the machine :p
  • Hello Dreamer Man, Karenina and Gerardo. You all are correct.

    It is analog multimeter, but it's not also wrong to call it as voltmeter, ammeter, or ohmmeter.. So you all are right.. but Gerardo's answer was best.

    Now-days such big analog multimeter is rarely used. It's not so accurate as digital multimeter and it's inconvenient to carry around.. this one in picture is made in soviet-union at 1987. I got it from my dad, when I was young.. I still use it sometime.. haven't got more modern one yet.

    When I was kid, my brother tried to convince me, that this device is to measure smartness. You have to turn the switch to ohmmeter mode and put the wires into your mouth..... the more the pointer moved, the smarter you were. Well I wasn't also as stupid as my brother thought. I got higher reading of smartness than he did. The trick was to put wires as close as possible in your mouth.. but also not letting them touch each other since that would be error..
  • Hi Hardi, I think it´s a multimeter, instrument that measure voltage (V), current (A) and resistance (Ω). They can be use to troubleshoot electric problems in the industry or home devices such as electronic equipment and motors.
    Ussuallly a multimeter has two cables, one is red and the other is black.
  • Ampere meter right?? or voltamaeter or metrix it depend how yu call it
    metrix or multimetre can mesure both Amper and volt
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