Everyone likes to be perfect, but reaching this goal is an infinite path.

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  • The one who comes first in this World Cycle! :)

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  •           I think the perfect person is the one who has freedom from fear, lucky him or her. How important is it to stop ourselves being consumed by many problems which surround us at every corner in our life such as; our past ghosts, war. In addition it is important to have a strong capacity to get rid of bad habits and thoughts, to be peaceful with ourselves and etc.……. Not to mention the worries about what the future holds to us. I think all that represents a huge fear to most of us. Thinking about that sometimes knocks us down.

               Finally my friend, to live without fear is one of life’s main aim. If you met a person who achieved such aim, you finally found the answer to your question. God bless you.

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  • Nobody is. I'm perfectly flawed.

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