These days I use Chrome on my Mac. I find Google Chrome to be much quicker than IE. When I first started using Chrome I enjoyed the speed but found that some sites or programs didn't work properly. These days Chrome works well most of the time.


I switched from Internet Explorer (IE) because it used to always crash on me and I felt that it always needed to be upgraded. It could have just been a problem with my old laptop.


Sometimes I use Safari, but it feels a bit foreign to me. It was the default browser for my Mac when I first switched from a PC. I didn't give it a chance. 


Do you have a favourite browser? What do you like about it? Which browser do you NOT like?


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  • Yup

  • I am a Google Chrome user. No doubt it's been the best browser I've used. 

  • large.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x

    ... nuff said.


  • Why my Firefox doesn't look like yours,Marina ? How to change my Firefox and add the speed dial?
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    • is the picture mozilla or opera? it seems like google chrome
  • I'm kamel from algeria ,and i use Mozilia Fire Fox .It's easy  to use and so  quick.

    That's my oppinion about it .

    So ,do you have any other browser to use it properly?.Thank you .

  • I recently tried Opera 11 and finally it worked faster in my computer. It happened after I reinstalled the operating system and clear all unnecessary programs. I also optimized my computer's speed with TuneUp Utilities. So my computer's memory and Internet speed had been optimized and the trio browsers: Opera 11, Chrome 10 and Mozilla Firefox 3.5.16 work faster now...
  • I use Firefox,it is the best for me,for the same reason,as Dreamer girl said:I can add mark-books and personal bars above...
  • I like Opera browser, because in addition to rapid, human interface is friendly for all segment. Idon't like IE browser, especially version 7, because of structure browser not support tuo use in rapid.
  • I still prefer Firefox. Although Chrome is fast and good, it's too minimalistic for me.... Even firefox lack many functionality that I would like to have.

    But I like that as like in Konqueror, when selecting a text that is a address of a website, then there's the option to go to that site, in pull down menu that appears when right click ..I don't have to paste it to addressbar.
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