1. You don't mind it.

2. You call a sever and make him chang the dish.

3. You call a sever and complain to him, then you leave the restaurant without eating the dish and paying.

4. You sue the restarant and try to get monetary compensation.

5. You call a sever and say to him, "Thank you for adding this delicious bug." with irony.

6. Other than the above.

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  • I paid for the dish and left because I had eaten a half of it.

    I experienced that. Then, I never go to that restaurant anymore. :(

    Thanks for the discussion, Tam.

    • Hi, Onee-chan. Thank you for your reply. I guess that you noticed the bug after eating a half of the dish. Right?

    • Yes, I did... 😢

  • So you've had such experience? 😅  C'mon! They're a source of proteins after all))

    • I like your respond :0


    • Hi, Estanis. Thank you for your reply. No, but I hear often news like this in Japan. As you may already know, it is too difficult to prevent this, even if they pay much attention.

  • Arigato Tam. Wow, a big opportunity for me to gain money.  Hey, server, give me money or I call the municipality. I am just kidding. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi, dara. Thank you for your reply. 

This reply was deleted.