When I was about 5 years old, I stuck a small toy train deep into my nostril and couldn't pull it out by myself. Soon afterwards, I went to a hospital with my mother. :D

P.S. I thought of this topic thanks to Estanis's discussion "What's the craziest thing you've ever done for love?" and Rose's comment "I grew up with four siblings, and we often speak about our childhood. We laugh then about all the crazy things we did. "

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  • The first time I came in town, one day my uncle was ironing his clothes.  When finished  he told me to take the iron home when it refreshes. Then I said OK. But when he left,  I automatically tried if the iron was refreshed putting the back of my hand on it. OMG it burned. the scar is still on my hand. 

    • Thank you for your response. Oh, it is dangerous. We must wait for a while until an iron get cold.

  •  I was karate lover and used to apply it on my sibilings and friends for fun without  hurting  any of them, but very soon I realized it was not a good practice D

    • Thank you for your response. Yes, it is not good. :D

  • Hi, Mishaikh. Thank you for your response. Hehehe, you had a similar experience to me. I wonder if children want to put anything into their nostrils. :D

  • I myself don't remember, but my late mother used to tell us while I was a little I thrust a coin in my nose, which my mother got it out by slapping me on back side of my head.  But parent should be watchful with the infant kids.

  • Hello, Saba. Thank you for sharing your cute experience. Children like hide and seek. I wonder whether hiding children want to be found or not. :D

  • When I was 8 years old, I was playing hide and seek with my sister. I hid inside my father's coat that was hanging in the closet. My sister opened the door of the closet but couldn't find me, I stayed there until I was sleepy and suddenly fell down :D
  • Hi, Rose. Thank you for sharing your experience. That looks so dangerous. I can guess your mother was watching you while being very worried.

    Children can't judge whether something is dangerous or not. Their curiosity outweighs caution, as you said.

  • Hi, Onee-chan. Thank you for your response. Please tell only the EC members that. I can't guess it. :D

    However I am looking forward to another one. :D

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