My 6-year-old nephew takes private English lessons, but he says that he doesn't want to do that, His mother likes English and she thinks that learning English is necessary. I think that forcing him to do that is not good because he may come to dislike English. let me know your opinion.

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  • Hi, Tam! It's very interesting issue. If I were you, I would show to nephew how interesting and important to conversate with foreign people. Tell him that in the world 7 billions of people, but he can speak only with native language speakers.

    • Hello, Ilya. Thank you for sharing your opinion.


  • But according to me i will say that english is most important instead of graduation you know if you are 12 th passed you can get job if you have good English speaking like you can join call center and earn money. But if you are graduate but don’t speak English so you are useless you can’t get job can’t crack interview. As far as i know i seen many people who doesn’t have graduation but earning. You i am learning english and i am graphic designer but i feel uneducated bec of poor English i want to study more English to feel confidence and i can stand in front of anyone i will not feel hesitation. So you know child is always search to easy path and as you know they likes to play always so its guardian duty to show them firht path even by forcefully sometimes with love so it’s depend on situations.

    • Hello, Ahmar. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

  • Hi Tam,

    I think it's difficult to give understanding how English is important to learn at that age. At that age, I don't recommend a private lesson, even when they don't like it.

    I think what we can do is involving them in English game, English movie (cartoon), or English kids song, or at least ......we say and pronounce one or two words in English properly but in fun situation. One or two words in a day but repeatedly and clear, I guess it's not difficult for parents.

    Then, they will know a little about English. They will meet two facts.

    1. Becomes smarter than others, it will encourage him/her to learn more.
    2. Becomes less know than others, parents can encourage them to learn more.

    However, taking English course should be done for older children. Best choice is when they want it.

    Thanks for your discussion. 

    • Hi, Onee - chan. Thank you for your nice advice. 

  • Forcing kids to learn something they are not interested in is not a good way. Instead, parents may use another way to nurture the love of learning language which is by letting them get involved in fun activities they love to do. But do that in English. Playing games, sing a song, drawing, reading simple English books, and so on. As time passes, English will be in their unconscious mind and the next learning process will be easier.

    • Hello, Peony. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

  •      I think, as parents, this is our responsibility. If we want our children learn English language or another one, we have to surround them with this language from their early years, speaking, listening and reading. I can sure that this way makes the language very easy to be learned. Honestly, that what my husband and I did to our children. Now they speak French and English fluently.

         May someone wonders: if the parents don’t speak any foreign language but they want their child does, what can they do? Simply, they can buy videos and CDs include songs and animation movies and turn them on from time to time, for their child. And I guess it will be a great opportunity for them to learn the language as well, too.   

         Thanks my friend for sharing us this nice thought. God bless you.

    • Hi, Sewar, Thank you for sharing your opinion and experience.

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