• Laughing like a maniac.


    To laugh is super healthy. And if you do it for no reason, like if you were insane, it shoos people away. Which leads me to another healthy habit...


  • I make myself to do some cardio, at least 3 times a week..  Eat healthy foods. I change my rice to brown rice. Eat more veggies, avoid fried foods, keep my calories, more smile and laugh.

  •  One of my healthy habits is to walk around the city when the weather is nice and playing the piano which is my favourite hobby and makes me feel happy and forget all about my troubles and  anxieties.

    I  also like reading books and the best of all is when  I  read a  book  I  have aready read and try to look at it from another point of view after some years . Believe me it's something amazing. You discover things that you didn't see before.

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