What are the values of elderly people?

Old age is unavoidable. The older we get, the more our physical fitness and five senses deteriorate. Elderly people are easily fired and can't get a new job easily. They are sometimes treated as a burden on society.

However, before we could get information easily by mass media and social media, the experience and information that elderly people had was precious and useful, so they were more respected than nowadays. What are the values of elderly people?

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  • I like when some old people don't care about being nice or polite, and they just say what they think without any filter. Just like kids and drunkards :P
    I guess it's because they know they won't be around much longer, so they just go wild! :D


    • Hi, Mary. Thank you for your comment. Hahaha. In Japan, people are celebrated when they become 60 years old, and they are said that they return to babies.

  • I guess if you look at the numbers I am considered elderly but I don't feel old -- at least not mentally.  I have a lot of life experience that I can teach the young if they are willing to listen and I still have a lot of skills to contribute to society.  I think the elderly who become a burden to society are those who no longer want to learn.  If we keep ourselves healthy both physically and mentally we will not become useless.

    • Hello, Bev Anne. Thank you for your comment. I agree with you. Elderly people like you are necessary for society.

  • I think elderly people are a vital role in our life. They have a lot of experiences in their life so they guide us a better way, which helps us to choose the right track. They are never ever burdened on society. 

    • Hello, Meenu Saini. Thank you for your comment.

  • I like to talk with the elderly people. They teach me the time and era before I was born. It's fun.

    • Hello, Asup. Thank you for your comment.

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    • Hello, Ella. Thank you for your comment. Elderly people have an advantage in some jobs as you said, because the jobs need many experiences.

  • elder people are the basic of our life .we learn alot from their experiene in the life

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