The meaning of life

Reading 'Man's search for meaning by Victor Frankl' makes me question myself  what the meaning of my life is and what my 'why' is, and it  takes a long time to answer the questions, and I've still tried to figure them out. Then, when I asked people I met about 'what their meaning of life is, most of them took the question for granted and just said, " just live your life like others live their life'. 

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  • Interesting! I think that this question deserve many others probability of answers. The meaning of life it's not just about living life, but discovering the various reasons and motivations why we live it.🌷

  • Oh my gosh, someone is reading real books. How cool is that?
    I remember reading Frankl's books almost 30 years ago... A 'must read' for sure. I've found my answers, but I'm still looking for my purpose.  ;-)

    Greetings :)


  • Hello, Blue. 

    Nice discussion!

    There should be an answer for this question.

    Keep questioning!


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