• Dear Dara, I think that the door of the public toilets are short for emergency reasons.take care friend

  • i think when someone feel seedy, pass out, needs urgent help, it more easy to discover, but in my place i did not see the short seems people are not interested in what happens there.

    • Spasibo Winnie The Pooh! Well, we are different in our style of living. Some of us are easily fainted or have unexpected incidents. Inside those short locked public toilets, it is easy for us to discover their existence and rescue them as possible as it takes.  Lol! It is better you start to make short doors for your public loo. Thanks for your nice comment. 

  • Many ideas in my mind cause I have travels a lot before corona, business trips too.

    Some of them:

    To seeing available when you need so badly :)

    Ventilation because some people smell so good :)

    Possible to escape for some reasons :)

    But If you have an accident you get help easily

    ... That's all for now :)

    • Seni seviyourum Ulug! In addition to the tips by that respected lady, Anah Siddigi, I found yours very useful. Most are facts. We really have to take that into consideration. Thanks again Ulug!

  • Well, I read somewhere that public toilet doors are kept short due to several reasons for instance;

    1- If the door is not short and the person inside went unconscious people won't know about it.

    2- In an emergency situation if the door gets locked a person won't get out of the loo if the door isn't short,

    and the reasons continue...

    • Buhut buhut shukriya Anah Sid. Those were definitely useful points for us. many many thanks, my respected lady.  By the way, where have you been? Please, extend my regards to your family and friends. 

  • Oi there, folks

      C'mon, Dara. sadiqi - If the loo doors were not short, how would you know that I have not passed out while tryng to get my bowels moving,ha?

    • Dokwadnei Rysperski! I definitely agree with that. What a sad ending for one's life, I mean to die like that. Thanks, my handsome friend for your reasonable comment.

      • Lol, sadiqi, revise your phrasal verbs if you "dun'wanna" me to pass away from an overdose of sarcasm!!! ;-)

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