Some people usually dream a lot, others do not remember their dreams.  In my case I know that I dream, but I can not remember most of them.   What I do remember is that sometimes when I have a dream I know that I am dreaming. For example, once I was dreaming that I had to finish a work and I did not have time to do it, first I was overwhelmed but then I realized it was just a dream! and I said to myself (during the dream): do not worry!! it is just a dream!!!

Tell us about your dreams.  Have you ever had a similar dream, where you know that you are dreaming?

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  • Hi Janeth!

    I remember my dream on the day I woke up. When I sleep again, I may forget it slowly, day by day.

    Well, I don't wish to remember anything. However, if it was a good dream, I will pray to God that it would be a good sign. When it was a bad dream, I don't even wish to share, 'cos some people say it would lead to something real happen.

    The part of my dream that I remember a lot is I often dreamed (not nowadays) flying over the town without wings. I was happy but dangerous though. lol

    Thank you for sharing this nice discussion. :)

  • A baby dreamin' of a beaver. That's weird on so many levels.

  • Everything that you said is really interesting! That type of dreams are called "deja vu". I understand that you are scared when you have a nightmare. By the way, I had my first participation in this site today and I liked it! I am looking forward to improving my English here! Thanks a lot for your reply and I wish you nice dreams!

  • I have read that type of dreams are called "lucid dreams".  It is good that you can remember your dreams because you can share them with your friends,  though they do not remember theirs. Thanks for your reply!

  • Hi Janeth!

    I have the dreams almost every night! I mean, I notice that I have had a dream almost every morning after waking up.

    If a dream is interesting, then I remember it for a long time!

    And yes, I remember some dreams, in which I was able to realize that it was a dream.

    And I want my close friends to share their dreams with me. They don't remember their dreams :/

  • I usually do not remember my dreams, but sometimes I know that I am dreaming during my dream. For example the other day I dreamt I had to finish a homework, I was overwhelmed! but then I realized that I was dreaming and I said to my self (during the dream): do not worry!! it is just a dream and I continue happily dreaming without worring at all!!

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