With the pandemic which is still on going and the threat of more covid variants emerging, how do you cope up with it?

What changes in your lifestyle? Kindly share your thoughts. Thank you in advance! Keep safe! 🥰🌻🇵🇭

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    It is good to be strong and brave against Covid 19.

  • Since 2019, people have been suffering from various types of diseases. These types of diseases cause the virus. The pandemic is a bit overwhelming. Personally, I continue to ask God to protect all people around the world, including all my lover ones. My life has changed alot by the virus. I value everything and everybody around me. I learnt be availabe for everyone until not be late, to say people how much they are valuble.

  • The pandemic took all of us in trouble but given new ways to live as well. we should adopt the precautions suggested by the doctors.



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