How can I design my Page.

Hello friends,

I some times visit most of EC members page to read blogs and discussions. one thing I really like and admire about their pages are the beautiful designs they have on it.

Like this!!

and This!!

I wish appreciate if you guys help me on how to design my page.

Thanks Everyone!!!

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  • Hi komala,me also don't know that how to create such design on our page .but got a idea from ur discussion .thanks for the discussion :) thanks to tara and luci
  • Feel free to download and use these EnglishClub stickers to decorate your page. All you need to do is click "Edit" in the text box on your Profile page. Then click the little picture frame to add an image. 

    • Thanks teacher Tara, now I have gotten a better understanding on it.

    • Too bad I can't see the picture frame.

  • Thanks so much my good friend.

  • Komala, it is about your creativity, dear. You can write sth or draw it, take a pic of it and post it as a welcome picture. You can record yourself, say sth to welcome ppl etc, you can change the tabs by clicking on them, pressing them for a while and moving with them. You can post your favourite saying etc...good luck with it!!!
    • Komala....u had to click on it and u chose that one pic I love EC, nah?
    • It is that one pic u posted even here..i love english club is your welcome pic ;-)
    • Thanks Luci for your help. my question is, how can i add a welcome pic?? Can i get it from setting or where??

    • Thanks Luci, but how can I get to Welcome Pic??

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