Hello everyone


I just thought I would introduce myself.

My name is John and I was born and raised near Manchester in the U.K. I have been living and working in Asia for over six years now. I love the culture and people in Asia and have decided this is where I belong. I am an easygoing and fun loving person that enjoys meeting and getting to know new people, I really enjoy helping people to achieve their goals and take great pride in my work. I am patient and intuitive when understanding students needs and have a wealth of experience dealing with language learners, both in the classroom and online. I am also available for instant lessons if required.

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  • Hello Jihn. I am new here. I would like to talk with someone else.


  • Hi john. That's  really a very nice introduction. Could you help me practice for ielts? If you have any group i would like to join. Thanks

  • i have lived in the Philippines and Vietnam, but I have visited South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia,Cambodia and Hong Kong.

  • Hello John,

    It's nice to know you are intersted in Asians. Can I ask you of what countries you visited in Asia? I come from South Korea, but I live in Australia. I wish to visit the UK one day because I love listening to BBC broadcasts and some podcats produced in the UK English. It is not that I don't like Australian English. AE is great and there is so much freedom as to styles. Hope you find this site useful.




  • Welcome to MyEC, John! Thanks for your intro.

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