Hello everybody. My name is Jan and I live in east of Slovakia (Europe). I'm an averige 27y old man with passion for cars, travelling, good music in every style and also I'm gym and fight sports fanatic. I'm looking for some Skype speaking partners to improve my English skills to higher level and also I want to meet some new interesting people from around the world. Have a nice day. :) 

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  • Hi Jan I am Turgut and if you want I want to speak or write to you on skype


  • Hello there, mah Slovak brother :D

    welcome to this place... East Slovakia... ehmmm... like a gypsy village or sth like this? Just watch out, there are many weirdos in here including me... 

    • C'mon Luci, have you anything against your neighbors? :D

  • Hello Jan,


  • Hello Jan I am Rita Daniela from Italy nice to meet you: you're welcome here in EnglishClub! I'm not a Skype user but if you want to speak with me you have only to let me know what do you want to speak with me and I'm sure we could also be mutual friends.

    How are you now? I'm now at home because on Saturdays I don't work. On Sundays I have a very good rest with my family. See you soon on EnglishClub, and have a very good Sunday!!

  • Jan Beresck, ahoy a ako sa majch? Welcome to My EC. You have come to the perfect place to improve your English skills. Let me know, if you need any help, I will be glad to do that. I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks.

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